Scratch and Earn Money App on Google Play – Earn up to ₹50000 MONTHLY

Hello friends, welcome to all of you in our today’s blog post, if you are looking for Scratch and Earn Money App, then you must read this article from beginning to end because in this article I have Scratch and Earn Money App told about.

All the mobile apps that I have told you about here are available on the Google Play Store, which is why you can blindly trust all these mobile apps, you may also be using these mobile apps, but you might not know how to earn money using mobile apps, if you do not use the mobile apps mentioned by me, then there is no need to worry.

By downloading and registering these mobile apps mentioned here easily from Google Play Store, when you share with your friends, you will get some scratch cards which you can scratch and earn money, and here are all the mobile apps I told you about. All of these are reliable mobile apps, and you can easily withdraw your earned money into your bank account.

Scratch and Earn Money App

  • Share chat
  • Coinswitch
  • Paytm
  • Google Pay
  • PhonePe

How to earn money by scratch from Share chat App?

Share chat app is a very popular social media mobile application in today’s time, with the help of which you can increase millions of followers by sharing your content in video format and images format and you can become a successful share chat creator, But if you get more followers then you can also earn well through sponsorship, but if you want to earn money without sharing content on share chat mobile app then you can still earn a lot.

Because a program of Refer and Earn has been run in the ShareChat mobile app, under which you download the ShareChat mobile app from the Google Play Store and refer any of your friends and family members and download it from your referral link. If you have then you can get up to Rs.40 per referral.

When you share ShareChat Mobile App to someone and that person downloads ShareChat Mobile App from your referral link then you get a scratch card which you can see and scratch by going to the Rewards section of the ShareChat Mobile App As soon as you scratch you will get referral amount which you can easily withdraw in your bank account.

How to earn money from scratch with Coinswitch Kuber App?

Through Coinswitch Kuber App, people invest their money in cryptocurrency and earn a lot of money and also lose a lot of money, if you do not understand much about cryptocurrency, then you can never invest your money in cryptocurrency. It will be better.

But even if you do not understand cryptocurrency at all, you can earn money through Coinswitch Kuber App, Refer and Earn program has been given in Coinswitch Kuber App, if you refer any person to Coinswitch Kuber App If you refer, you will get bitcoin of Rs.150 on the refer, which you can easily withdraw in your bank account by selling it.

When you refer someone to Coinswitch Kuber App and he creates his account in Coinswitch Kuber App with your referral link and he completes his KYC then you have to go to your profile in Coinswitch Kuber App and click Refer and Earn You have to click on the relevant section, after that you will get the scratch card unlocked under the reward, as soon as you scratch the scratch card, you will get your referral bonus.

How to earn money by scratching from Paytm App?

If you do mobile recharge electricity bill payment or any type of bill payment by yourself then you must use Paytm App because from time to time you get a scratch card on paying a bill from Paytm which many offers on scratching And Get Real Cash Which You Can Easily Withdraw To Your Bank Account Also You Can Download Paytm Mobile App And Share To Your Friends In Your Phone You Will Get Rs.100 On Each Refer.

How to earn money by scratching from Google Pay App?

If you are using the UPI mobile app, then you must have heard the name of Google Pay app. Google Pay App gives scratch cards from time to time to its users on making any digital payment or on paying any bill, which the user can scratch. If they do, they get some money, which users can easily withdraw that money in their bank account, sometimes ₹ 5 and sometimes up to ₹ 200, you can also earn money by referring Google Pay App to your friends Google Pay gives ₹150 to ₹200 on each referral.

How to earn money by scratching from PhonePe App?

PhonePe App is also a very popular UPI mobile payment app, which is used by crores of people in India for digital transactions using the PhonePe mobile app, if you do any digital transaction using the PhonePe app, then you will get some scratch as a reward. You will get a card on which you can get many offers and coupon codes and with this, you can get real money cash by scratching it, apart from this you can earn good money by sharing PhonePe with your friends, you will get ₹ 100 for each referral, By scratching which you will get some money which you can easily withdraw in your bank account.


I hope that you have got complete information about Scratch and Earn Money App, but still, if you have any questions or suggestions related to Scratch and Earn Money App mentioned here, you can tell us through the comment box. Do let us know so that we can help you as soon as possible.

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