How to Earn Money From Fampay – रोज ₹600 तक कमाए

Currently, Fampay App is giving ₹150 as soon as you register, but to get ₹150 you have to use GUNA5FUTK referral code while registering, and after creating an account you have to do a transaction, you can transfer money to someone. Or you can do mobile recharge.

You can easily withdraw the ₹150 to your Paytm or Bank account, Fampay App you can also earn money by referring your friends, you will be given ₹ 50 for each referral.

The more you use this application for mobile recharge, and bill payment, the more cashback you will get and Fampay coin which you cannot convert into real cash but can join contests with the help of this coin.

From time to time, different types of contests going on, in which the winners get prices like iPhones, and earphones, if you want to know how to earn money from Fampay, then you can read this article from beginning to end, because in this article I have given complete information about earning money from Fampay. 

About Fampay App 


App name Fampay
Referral Code  GUNA5FUTK
Number of downloads  10M+
Rating 4+ Star
Category finance
Contact person [email protected]
Official website



What is Fampay?

Fampay is a UPI mobile application that you can use for mobile recharge, online shopping, and money transfer, Debit card is also provided by Fampay which you can use for online shopping as well as offline.

With the debit card given by Fampay, you cannot withdraw money from it, only you can use it for online payment or offline bill payment, you can also order your debit card by paying ₹ 199, to use it offline. 

This application is made for Teenagers, which means people who are between 11 years to 18 years can use this application easily, only an Aadhaar card is required to use this application.

If you are above 18 years of age, you can still use Fampay App, but you will get less facilities than those who are below 18 years of age.

How to earn money from Fampay

Step 1- Download Fampay App from Google Play Store.

Step 2- Create your account in Fampay App.

Step 3- Get your friends to download Fampay App and use your referral code.

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